Cerakote is $40 for one color, $75 for a Battleworn or Patina look and MultiCam is $105.



Othy Cut

The Reaper

Mako Cut

Optic Cuts


Please email us for payment options and lead times. We do not ask for payment until the work is complete and your slide is ready to be shipped back to you. All prices are subject to change, please email or call us to get a price quote.


Border Patrol


Mako 2 Cut

The Cash Cut



All prices shown do not include the price of cerakote.


Standard optic cuts are $85. 
Moving the dovetail in front of the optic is $125

We can cut for the Trijicon RMR, the Vortex Viper and Venom, the Fastfire 3 and the Shield Sight RMS. Filler plates are custom fit to the slide and are $15-$20.



Please download our Order/Shipping Form to ship with your slide.

We can add any optic cut we offer and cerakote we offer to any standard cut or custom cut.